CBD Use Across the County

CBD Use Across the County

Published by CBD Hempexpert Megan Booth on Jul 10th 2020

CBD is hardly unknown: According to the New Frontier Data report, he following list statistics about CBD in America. Nine out of 10 Americans are familiar with CBD and 51% who know a friend or family member who have used CBD, and nearly 1 in 5 recommending CBD to someone else.

Frequency: Among Americans who are familiar with CBD, 40% said they did so at least once a week, with older consumers using it more frequently than younger ones.

Stress and pain relief are major reasons for use:

Three in five 60% of consumers surveyed reported using CBD to unwind and for relaxation, relief of stress or anxiety reduction, with 41% using CBD for pain management.

Means of Consumption:

Oils and tinctures led the way, at 38% (of the ways in which consumers surveyed consume CBDs). Topicals were the next most widely used method, at 19%; then: food or drinks, 18%; flower, 8%; pills/capsules, 7%; and vaping, 7%.

43% of consumers said they used less than 30 mg. a day; 22% reported using 50 mg. or more; and 12% used 100 mg. or more a day.

65% of consumers surveyed said CBD had positively affected their quality of life. Only 2% described a negative effect.

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